Planning For a Reseller Hosting Account?

Are you looking forward to sign up for a reseller hosting account? A reseller digital server hosting offers a good flow of extra income and is getting widely popular today. There are several hosting companies that offer reseller plans but then not all would be compatible for you. Here are tips that will help you to choose a credible reseller hosting plan.

Know your Customer

First of all, you must take into account your initial customer base prior to signing up for a reseller hosting account. The size of your customer base will decide which plan to choose from.

Reputed Site

You must make sure to settle with a reputed and seasoned web hosting company, backed by great digitalserver opiniones. Rave reviews and strong market reputation assure premium service from the company- if your parent company cannot guarantee quality how would you ensure a top quality service for your customers.

Superb Uptime

Your chosen reseller plan should carry a superior- minimum 99.99 percent uptime. This means that you would be able to assure a round the clock visibility for your clients’ sites.

Anti-Spam Guard

Make sure you would be able to offer anti-spam protection to your clients through your reseller hosting plan.


When you are into reselling, you definitely would not want your customers to know about your parent company. Thus, your chosen reseller plan should promise anonymous servers so that you can brand them as your own.

Customizable Panel

The best reseller plans assure customizable control-panel.