Looking For a Reliable Dedicated Digital Server Company

Dedicated hosting is the most needed when you have a big company. Shared hosting cannot support the load of high traffic nor can it assure optimum security- which can be devastating for a large business in case there is any security breach. The post here offers tips on how to pick a reliable dedicated digital server company.

Search Around

Do not make the mistake of settling with the first hosting site you come across online. Dedicated hosting is a serious responsibility and hence must be sought from the reputed & seasoned names only. So, make a shortlist of 5-6 companies and take a comparative study. You can study the digitalserver opiniones from the review sites online. Your chosen one should carry a stellar reputation, backed by positive reviews from experts and previous users. Besides, the company must be at least a decade old.

100 Percent Uptime

When you have a high-traffic site with visitors coming in round the clock, nothing but 100 percent uptime would suffice. So, make sure your chosen hosting company is able to meet this very need.

RAM, Bandwidth & Hard Disk

The hosting company you are going for must be able to offer you minimum 4GB RAM as well as unlimited monthly bandwidth- irrespective of the dedicated hosting plan you take to. The best companies usually promise at least 500 GB hard disk space with the basic dedicated plans which can go up till 3 TB for the advanced plans.

Finally, you must get 24/7 support.