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Data Center Services in Mexico

Mexican web hosting company, DigitalServer offers web hosting, data center services and colocation in Mexico with real Mexican IP´s for geotargeting with servers located physically in Mexico.

Data Center Services in Mexico
Data Center Services in Mexico

Since 1999, DigitalServer Latin America and Caribbean has offered web hosting, colocation services, dedicated servers and other internet services to clients throughout Mexico and Latin America y Caribe. They are excited to announce that they now also offer the first commercial datacenters in Mexico for dedicated and VPS services for Mexican and Worldwide businesses to have a secure IP address. This has been a greatly lacking commodity in Mexico and is one that will help Mexican businesses significantly.

Security in IP addresses is of utmost importance, while there are available Mexican IP addressed available to rent, they are not all secure and could corrupt or otherwise expose a business’s most sensitive data.

Data Centers are where information and data are sent, stored and managed. For example, a business’s ecommerce data or other operational networked electronic information that is critical to their operations is sent, stored and managed on these servers. These data centers offer restricted access for network performance, web traffic and server activity to be strictly monitored.

These and other aspects of our Mexican Data Center are what keep a business’s technological portion of their operations running smoothly. Security for these operations is of utmost importance and DigitalServer is passionate about offering these secure services to businesses operating in Mexico.

With so many years in business, DigitalServer Data Center Mexico realizes the importance of secure servers first hand. The experts there urge Mexican businesses to find IP addresses that will secure their most important data. Using local servers, in particular, allows communities to become better drawn to them. Due to the limited amount of servers in Mexico, it can be challenging for businesses to find the data servers that will offer them the most amount of advantages. Because DigitalServer now offers the first commercial datacenter services in Mexico, it will be much easier for businesses to make use of secure services to fill their online data storage, sending and retrieval needs so they can continue to grow and expand their profits.

About DigitalServer:  This Mexican web hosting provider has been offering a full array of services since 1999 including web hosting, VPS and cloud servers and dedicated high performance servers. DigitalServer Latin América y Caribe is a pioneer offering web hosting with Mexican IP´s for geo targeting with servers located in Mexico.