Shared Hosting

Should you move from Shared Hosting to a VPS Hosting Plan?

It may seem a little daunting to make the shift from shared hosting to VPS web hosting. Most companies offering a VPS plan will give you a similar bandwidth, disk space, customer support, money back guarantee and IT support. Thus, it becomes crucial to make a smart decision as your business success will be dependent on the migration of the server.

When you are migrating, make sure you consider the following points carefully so that there is no discomfort in the shift.

Is the current bandwidth and software meeting the requirements in a resource sharing setup?

If the bandwidth is not enough and you are running complex web applications through the shared server, it might be time to move to a VPS as it has better speed and bandwidth to handle complex working environments.

Is your existing disk space enough to store all your important data?

If your business is growing at the speed of thunder, it might be important to consider a scalable and long-term solution for crucial data. While shared servers might be able to handle your data load for now, think whether it is scalable for the future.

Are you getting a 24×7 support by your hosting en Mexico provider? Do they offer more a 99% uptime assurance?

One of the best factors about VPS web hosting is the uptime guarantee and continuous IT support. Ensuring that your website is never hampered.

Will it be worth it to move from a shared server that costs less currently to a VPS that might cost more?

Considering the no downtime and scalability, a VPS can actually be a cost-effective solution for established businesses. It also increases your profit margins and gives you the opportunity to expand without any worries of downtime.

VPS hosting comes with some excellence features that will definitely be rewarding for businesses. With careful consideration and support from the right company, you can make this migration smoothly and successfully.