Important Information about Web Hosting and its Types

It is common for small businesses to hire web hosting from service providers who are inexpensive and convenient. Especially, when you are a start-up business and have no idea about website development and hosting, it is good to understand the basics of this service before availing it. Web hosting is used to allocate a space to the website on server to make it accessible for use through internet. There are different types of web hosting services available in market which can be chosen according to the unique requirement of your business and budget.

Free web hosting service is provided by some hosting companies with advertisement support. They often have limited facilities. Shared service is one where a website is given a space with other websites on same server. Here, all sites share common server resources. This type of service mostly provides basic features and not very updated. These are kind of low cost and affordable services suitable for websites which may face low traffic. Re-seller service is one in which client becomes the host themselves. Basically, they resell their own host space to other clients. Virtual dedicated server, also called virtual private server (VPS), are those service providers who divide the server in virtual resources, where offered services does not reflect the fact that resources are shared. The underlying hardware division does not affect the standard of service. Dedicated services are one where a website or organization get its own web server and have total control over it which make them responsible for security and maintenance of their own server. Managed services are where organization gets its own web server but not allowed for full control or root access as administrator. The one which suits your business depends on your unique needs.