Web Hosting Gimmicks

5 Things You Should Know About Web Hosting Gimmicks

A reliable and dependable web hosting is crucial for the smooth functioning of any website. A server downtime can potentially hurt your business and ruin your online reputation that might take years to build. If your website is serious business, you must rely on good hosting for it. We bring you 5 things you should know about gimmicks in hosting so that you can become a smarter consumer with your hosting account:

1. The Free Domain

This sounds really nice but the ownership might be in the hands of the hosting company and you might need to pay a hefty sum to take back the ownership later. Plus, the annual renewal costs are sometimes 200% of the average domain name price. Always check for the ownership and yearly renewal fees before you proceed.

2. Bandwidth and Disk Space Terms and Conditions

It is better to read these clauses beforehand so that if your website gets a lot of hits, you don’t end up paying extra money for the bandwidth.

3. Unlimited Storage

This seems like a great offer but there is really nothing like unlimited storage. Try and avoid this marketing gimmick and be sure to understand the terms of storage before you pick hosting en Mexico.

4. Regular Back-up

While the web hosting company will perform regular back-ups, it is recommended to conduct your own off-site back-ups as well to be safe.

5. Long-Term Contracts

Many companies offer discounts for a longer period but it is better to check their service and dependability before you opt for a long-term contract.

Web hosting companies use various marketing gimmicks to attract consumers but for your company’s website, it is always better to conduct thorough research and only choose a company that is highly dependable and trust-worthy.